Ad Tracking Success

Ad Tracking Success

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of money involved
with affiliate marketing. This is only true however,
for those who are serious and hard working on their
affiliate program. The biggest part of succeeding
depends on your perseverance and determination.

Even the best of affiliate programs won’t prosper
if you don’t build the business on a solid foundation.
Nothing happens if the banners and links you place
on a website just decorates the pages. The affiliate
must convince visitors to click on the banner or link
then proceed to the program to buy products.

Affiliate marketing can be easy if you have planned
your campaign well and have taken the right steps
towards success. Choosing the right product and
designing your website with banners and the right
material are keys to making things happen.

An ad tracker is a software program that will allow
you to trace and monitor every click that is made
by visitors through your referral link. To make
things even better, you know exactly where you
placed the link. You can either use a service
provider or purchase ad tracking software.

With ad trackers, you can monitor the progress
of your campaigns, even advertising offline. If
you have several affiliate accounts, this tool
can be very good to have.

Each and every decision you make should be well
grounded in facts. By using an ad tracker, you’ll
be able to generate traffic reports for your
personal sales page. Armed with the proper
knowledge and an ad tracking software program,
you’ll have no problems succeeding in the
affiliate marketing world. It can be tough to
get started – although once you start making money
you’ll be glad you took the chance!

If you want to get started the way I did with a
simple, easy & affordable tracking system check out
the system I use, and you can try it for 30 days FREE!



To Your Success ~ Timothy

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Building Backlinks In 2013

We’ve all made the same mistakes before, but the fact of the matter is that search engines have evolved, and simply “building links” like you did in the past just doesn’t work anymore.  The search engines are smarter now than they where even a year ago, not just Google, but Yahoo, Bing and others as well… At the same time your competition is smarter than they used to be…

Everyone and their brother knows what SEO is, they know how to build or buy links… And your bigger competitors are already enjoying great rankings, with established authority sites and tons of relevant links.  I’m not going to waste your time telling you how valuable a strong knowledge of SEO really is… You already know that traffic is the lifeblood of any website, it’s where the money comes from.  We all know that a steady stream of FREE high quality traffic coming from the search engines is the “meat & potatoes” of internet marketing… Unfortunately the search for the main dish usually ends up on a wild  chase that leads to absolutely nowhere, time and time again.  However there is something you can do to get the edge.  The checklist below addresses the answers needed to avoid this:

How To Exploit Rapid Link Indexing… Get your links noticed by Google and other top search engines in hours, not weeks… And start driving your websites up the SERP’s and receiving organic traffic in the least amount of time possible…

The Correct Way To Use Parasite Hosting… Parasite hosting is using 3rd party websites to post your content and links… It’s nothing new, but most people don’t have a clue as to how to use it the RIGHT way and create a powerful linking system that actually produces RESULTS and doesn’t get flagged as spam.

How To Build An “Authority Wheel” That Works… If you thought linking directly to your site from 3rd party sites was enough to get the job done, you’re probably not ranking as highly for keywords as you’d like to be, and chances are you’re missing this critical tool in your SEO arsenal.

Multi-Level Linking … Think beyond direct linking, go one step further than building an “authority wheel”, and finally push your traffic and rankings to the next level using Multi-Level Linking… And make sure you do it right the first time so all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

Will Google Really De-Index My Domain? Absolutely, and anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about… However, there are a few measures that you can take to make sure that it never happens to you.

Keyword Research Done RIGHT… This is another MAJOR area where people mess up and throw away all of their hard work… And it’s probably the most critical step in all of SEO and you want to get it right the first time.

Tools To Help You Automate The Process… Tools used to cut hours of work down to just a few minutes.


Web 2.0 Properties To Use To Build High Quality Links… And more importantly, how to use Web 2.0 properties the RIGHT way… So that you get high quality links from high authority domains, without being flagged as a spammer and getting your domain penalized.

How Social Bookmarking Can Rapidly Boost Your Link Building Efforts… Very few people realize just how powerful social bookmarking can be… Again, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it.  How to use social bookmarking in the most effective way possible is essential.

In Depth Understanding Of How Links REALLY Work… What sites pass link juice? How far does it go? What get’s you flagged as a spammer? How you can protect yourself… The anatomy of a backlink and why anchor text works the way it does.

These techniques are for serious entrepreneurs who want to build REAL businesses pulling in six figures or more.  These cutting edge techniques known by only a few entrepreneurs can truly transform your income and your life…






Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Demand For 2013

OK…First Things First…Check Out These Sales Fact:

- Currently One Third of people around the world have mobile internet access, which is twice as many as the number of internet-connected personal computers.

- 50% of the world’s population is expected to have access to the Internet through a mobile device in 3 years!

- Development of mobile websites and mobile applications are growing…just look at the Iphone, Droid, and many other similar mobile phones.

So Who Benefits From This?  This type of marketing is perfect for any organization that needs to communicate quickly to their member base.  It can be organizations, it can be parties, events, concerts, sports events…Or it can be for businesses, retail stores that are having specials…meetings, emergency notifications and much much more….

Here are several reasons why anyone should want to tap into Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing is easy to setup without the technical know how

As mentioned earlier, the delivery of messages is fast and controllable, you don’t have to worry about that SPAM folder

Because of the above reason, response times are super super fast

Helps you build a relationship with your customers and makes it more personal

Worried because you don’t know where to start?  DON’T BE…